Highs & Lows: 08/31/18

pregnancy photo week 34


  1. Birthing Class with a Doula: A friend of mine recommended taking a birthing class from the doula she used during labor so this past Monday my husband and I had a 1x1 3-hour session and it was great. She went over breathing, mindfulness tactics and so much more to get prepared for labor both at home and in the hospital. It's tricky because you never know what your experience is going to be but it helped me feel more prepared for whatever we encounter. A few things I am doing right away to prepare: 1) drinking raspberry leaf tea daily to tone the uterus, 2) use an exervise ball to keep my pelvis in alignment and create space for mister to move along more smoothly, 3) practice breathing and visualization techniques even when I'm not necessarily uncomfortable so that I get used to bringing the familiar into the unfamiliar (aka things I know how to do, into the hospital room). She also helped me understand how to come up with a birth plan!
  2. A trip to Gotham Greens: This is happening today so I'll have to report back but I'm excited to welcome the chance to be invited to check out the Gotham Greens Gardens here in Chicago.
  3. Cooler Temps: Thursday was a GODSEND here in Chicago. We finally got a reprieve from the 90+ degree weather & extreme humidity. It was a mini taste of fall and I have never loved a weather change more.


  1. Burning my belly with a curling iron: UM ouch. I swear half of the weird ailments in the third trimester just have to do with having a weirdly huge body and hurting yourself for dumb reasons.

Best thing I ate: 

Pizza from Bonci! We had an HOA meeting in our building and it went pretty late Tuesday so there wasn't much chance of whipping up dinner. So, Bonci to the rescue. It was exactly what I needed.

Weekend plans:

First an update on today’s Dr’s appointment.... it was awesome! It was a

Dr my husband hadn’t met yet and she was reslly sweet telling me the belly curling iron burn was super normal lol. She also said he is VERY Low and I’m now 50 percent effaced!!!! Still not dilated but she said I’m in a great spot which made me feel good. Hopefully he makes it to closer towards his due date, I want this man to be a fall baby!! Anyways, It's a holiday weekend which means hopefully some relaxation and enjoying nice weather but we'll see about that. If it's nice we will definitely be spending time up at the lake, otherwise hanging on the roof. If it's crumby you can count on me heading to the movies.

This Week's Photo Round-Up: Best thing I ate, yummy breakfast (I've been adding turkey bacon this week), new Re-Zip bags I found to prep our smoothies for the freezer, gym bump pics, Ford's drawers finally getting organized, hilarious little hand-me-downs getting us ready for fall and winter.