Highs & Lows: 08/24/18



  1. Getting the Nursery mostly setup: This has happened over the course of the past 2 weeks but we finally got most of the big pieces in and the existing stuff out (lol bye bye husband's office). It's really reassuring to see all of the pieces you pick outcome together and my husband didn't really know what I had selected and is super pleased which is nice! One thing we did to spice up and otherwise really simple dresser: we added these gold knobs, such an upgrade for $17!
  2. Laughing a lot: I'm not sure what is going on or if it's hormones but once I get laughing lately I cannot stop. I guess it's fun?
  3. Dr's Apt: We had our 36-week appointment this morning with a new doctor whom we really liked so that was great! Also, she did another cervical exam and despite the fact that he has dropped I am still not dilated. Which does make me feel good because I don't really want him coming before his due date but also leaves me a bit confused on what these contractions are doing? I guess just getting me mentally prepared!


  1. Lightning: I've been hearing about it and to an extent was already experiencing it, but Thursday it went to a whole new level. The only way I can explain the sensation is as if Ford was wrapping his little hands around the tendons and ligaments in my groin and shaking them like they were prison bars. 
  2. A great uncle passing away: To be really transparent this isn't so much of a sad thing for me personally, as it is just a sad thing in general when someone passes. This uncle of my father's had lived a strange and lonely life, never having gone on a date, living in the house his parents lived in all on his own, working for NASA as a young engineer only to never have much of a career because he couldn't interact well with people. He was likely on the spectrum but no one ever figured it out. He lived alone now in Kansas City in a house he never let anyone into. He wore glasses like magnifying glasses and rarely left the house. Apparently, some other family member had been trying to get ahold of him and finally got the police to knock down his door where they found him passed away. Not sure how long he had been that way but the odd part is, it's exactly as my grandmother (his older sister) had imagined it would happen. The strangest part is, this is my Jewish side of the family that is for all intents and purposes a real-life version of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm so they were pretty matter of fact about the whole debacle, moving on from the conversation quickly to comment on how the matzoh ball soup and pastrami leftover from Langers the night before was still good today. Life is weird huh?

Best thing I ate: 

A Carnitas Buritto from Dos Toros - I didn't take a pic but it was delicious and would highly recommend checking it out. If only they were a tiny closer and open on the weekends!

Weekend plans:

No big plans! We are around and hopefully enjoying Chicago. I do want to get to a movie tonight if we can as I know that time is narrowing down on us! Otherwise, I do want to look for some bookshelves for the nursery and start stocking up on some of the mundane stuff like diapers etc!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: Nursery photos, food pics, bump pics!