Baby Registry Download & Guide


So who out there knows about BabyList? If you do awesome if you don't its a really cool way to create a centralized registry that has everything you want for your baby from ANY brand or website. It basically just houses the list and then when your family and friends go to the site to see what you want, the items you are asking for are linked to their original website to purchase. They also have tons of suggestions for things you need and of course you can register for stuff right on their site.

For me, the registry was something I put off for a while but when I finally sat down and got to it I realized it was a BIG project. I'm lucky to have lots of family and friends who shared tidbits of their favorites and lists with me and after combing through all of them I finally made my list, which has been revised MULTIPLE times. 

Not everyone has the luxury of time or resources though to get this comprehensive list in order, so for you, I've created a cheat sheet so to speak. For 5 bucks you can now download a PDF with a checklist of everything you need and more, plus tips and tricks on building a smart registry to get the most bang for your buck (in case you get duplicates or want to return etc!). 

PS did you see my pregnancy announcement? Or our gender reveal party? How about this baby shower I co-hosted for a friend's baby or my "baby drip" in California - so much to see!

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