Highs & Lows: 09/07/18

gotham greens


  1. My Yummy Gotham Green's Items: Last Friday I got to take a personal tour of the Gotham Green's facility here in Chicago and they sent me home with a bunch of swag. I've been eating all of that yummy tender romaine, pesto, and vegan vinaigrette all week! See pics at the bottom of the post!

  2. High Energy: Everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling and while there are still discomforts (SI pain, a seriously stretched belly, lightening, etc) I actually feel good. Maybe a sign he is still a ways from coming??

  3. 38 Week Apt: No big news here!! Sounds like not a whole lot has changed since last week - he’s still low but I’m not dilated. I’m feeling pretty good so thinking he’ll stay put for a little while - it’s funny we have had multiple things pop up regarding the 17th (like a new license plate number, my monthly horoscope "important days", you know some really legit stuff) so now we keep joking that’s the day we are guessing he’s gonna arrive - does anyone else have a guess??


  1. Some restless nights: I've actually been sleeping OK but had a couple night's where I woke up and then my mind started racing and I COULD NOT fall back to sleep for hours. Woof.

  2. Husband Traveling: My husband had to jet down to Austin for 3 days this week and it really had me on edge that little man was going to show up and arrive on earth before his dad could get home. He keeps telling me to not think like that but unless you've been a 38-week pregnant woman, you might not realize that's impossible!

Best thing I ate: 

I ate a lot of good things this week, both at home and out. We made salmon twice (main photo!) which made me feel good, and I had pizza/burgers/tacos while eating out and I didn't feel amazing about those choices for myself in terms of the fact that I'm gonna be the one working it off after the fact, but they were really freaking tasty so.... #balance.

Weekend plans:

No big plans except hopefully getting together with friends to watch football & eat! Oh yea and going to make a big pot of white bean chicken chili... more to come on that!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: Three way's I used some Gotham Greens Romaine, other yummy stuff at home plus a super decadent burger & cheese fries meal! Bump pics (36/37/38 weeks) and more of Ford's Nursery!