Green, White, & Gold: Gender Neutral Nursery Decor


I've mentioned in a few posts that I was loving this whole leafy green, white, gold theme for the nursery and now that it's actually coming together IRL not just online, I am even more into it. I wanted to share a full blog post with you guys on everything we ended up buying and how we turned this cute little-lofted skylight room into Baby Ford's future bedroom.

The Theme:

First I started with this quilt I saw I think via Pinterest and fell in love with it. Of course, I also registered for the matching crib sheet & changing pad cover & hooded towel set. And as a second set, I got the prickle pot version, also in the plant theme!

PS this is the mattress I bought & the changing pad.

The Crib:

Next, I knew that figuring out the crib would set the tone for the other furniture and I knew right off the bat I wanted simple and classic. I love all of the cool cribs out there now like this one from West Elm but ultimately I wanted the style to be really straightforward and not as trendy. Ultimately, I decided to go with white and then it turned out that it is the exact crib all of my brother's kids have shared, so I know it's going to be durable if it's lasted 8 years & 3 kiddos for them!

The Dresser:

Once I had the crib sorted out I decided to just get the matching dresser. However, I was between the different sizes and getting one with the topper or not for a while. I ultimately decided on the extra wide (shorter & wider worked best for our space) and while I ordered it without the topper I ended up running into a PB Kids store here in Chicago and buying a topper separate which worked out. But I would recommend just going ahead and buying the full set because you can remove the topper later and it's really handy for the changing space. When the dresser came, my husband and I both felt like it needed a little something extra so we found these brushed gold knobs at Home Depot and voila, $17 later and it's like a whole new piece of furniture!

The Glider:

This was something that we honestly didn't do much searching for. We just went with the one Glider that is always on display in West Elm that we have each sat in a million times and that my husband had read good reviews on. Check!

The Footrest:

TBH I wasn't really interested in spending $400 on the matching ottoman, despite the fact that it does make the whole gliding experience that much nicer if you're interested in swinging for it! So instead I found this cute white Moroccan pouf at World Market.

The Lighting & Side Table:

It just so happened that the side table & lamp were pieces we already had in the house but didn't have a specific use for anymore and they just randomly WORKED. TBD on if they will stay the same but for now I'm really liking them!

The Rug:

This I got really lucky on, it was just one I found online (here too!) and it turned out great. It's sort of shaggy, really soft, and fits perfectly. I also recently saw it on the NuLoom Instagram account being used in a master bedroom and it looks fabulous.

Decor & Prints:

I first found these prints & fell in love with them. I am still figuring out what size to print them in and where they will hang but I am determined to make them work. These two (hip-hop & fresh prince), above his crib, were inspired by a display we found in a store and then just searched on Etsy. Aren't they awesome?? We had them printed at FedEx and found some cool gold frames like these to hang them in. Lastly, we decided to move our favorite fake fiddle fig leaf tree up to his room in this pretty planter from West Elm that we had downstairs previously. 

Other TidBits in His Room:

Diaper Pail

Laundry Hamper


Baby Monitor

White Noise Machine

Of course, the funny part is, for the first 3-6 months he will probably be sleeping in our room in this pack n play, or in this or this around the house!