Highs & Lows: 06/01/18

texas wedding photo.jpg


  1. Getting back to Chicago early Monday: Just in time to enjoy MDW at my husbands family’s lake house!
  2. Grilling out Monday night on the roof deck: And enjoying the gorgeous weather outside while watching a little bit of game 7 on the outdoor TV
  3. Despite the rushed turnaround, definitely heading out to California is high: I love being by the ocean and spending time with my family, especially since this might be my last trip out here before having whole other human to lug around!


  1. A long travel afternoon to California: after getting back Monday from Texas I left Wednesday afternoon for Orange County and with a connecting flight in Denver and 2 delayed flights let’s just say I was more than ready to land Wednesday night when I got there at 10PM
  2. Si Joint Pain: I know this has already made the list but it’s backkkkk. I don’t know what triggered it, I think maybe I just overdid it on Tuesday with teaching 2 classes, recording 2 yoga videos, walking about 2 miles to and from class, and then doing a 20-minute strength training workout on the Peloton app. My low back has just been screaming since. The good news is my releases and exercises really make it feel better but it takes time to get better on the whole so I’m going to be good at doing those.
  3. Bad allergies: I have always had terrible allergies but a few years ago I got on a really good Flonase regimen that has worked wonders for me. unfortunately, lately it hasn’t been quite as effective and I'm really hoping that is the pregnancy and not that the potency of the medicine is wearing off because it has been a godsend to keep me from getting sinus infections and strep multiple times a year anymore - fingers crossed!

Best thing I ate:

QUESO: I missed it being away from Texas and it’s so decadent but so delish - this one from Fresas in Austin over the weekend really hit the spot.

Weekend plans:

I'm out in California and planning on soaking up the sun & enjoying family time. my husband is coming out here today and meeting me in LA for an evening hanging with my brother/sister-in-law and their kiddos. Saturday will hopefully be a pool day and then Saturday night out to dinner at Cassia. Sunday is a hang around day until our big family dinner (the main reason I came in town this weekend) on Sunday night where I’ll get to see more extended fam for potentially the only real time during pregnancy so that’s fun!

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This Week's Photo Round-Up:

The Lake on MDW. that amazing queso, a couple of delicious dinner's at home this week, my first lunch in California (helllloooo salmon), and my Thursday morning beach walk.