Mindful Memos

calm collective mindful memo notepad

The Calm Collective:

A while back, the wonderful photographer who used to take my photos decided to give up that type of photography and instead focus on her lifestyle blog/brand The Calm Collective.

She has a beautiful aesthetic and it's all about finding a calm and peaceful life even in the hecticness that we can't help but encounter. She has a podcast and an Etsy store too with the most adorable things.

She recently sent me her Mindful Memo's to try out and I wanted to share them with you guys today!

What is a Mindful Memo:

The idea is similar to a gratitude journal in a way, but it's really simple and all set up for you. Basically every morning you fill out this little notepad with the following info:

  1. one thing you are grateful for
  2. top 3 priorities
  3. bonus items
  4. notes
  5. what you found

What I really liked about the process was that it was quick and simple, and prompted me to easily come up with just a few things to be mindful of during my day. It also was a nice checkpoint at the end of the day to really reflect on what brought a bit of calm into my day, or on days when that was hard to think of, it would help me set an intention of doing that the next day.

Here are a few things I wrote down:

Things I was grateful for: a flexible work schedule, a fairly healthy body during pregnancy, the ability to travel on a whim
How I found my calm: a friends Instagram post on perspective, my breath, choosing to skip a day of working out

To shop the Mindful Memo and some of my favorite prints of her's on Etsy click below or head right to my LikeToKnow.It Page

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