Highs & Lows: 07/20/18



  1. Cooking at Home: I feel like we have eaten out so much over the past two weeks that it was nice to have multiple nights cooking at home this week. Also, I was weirdly craving salmon and may have had it three times!
  2. A really productive Wednesday: You know when you have one of those days where you just feel ready to tackle a bunch of stuff and you do and then you feel really good? That was Wednesday for me. Plus I FINALLY got this posted on my products page and I'm soooo excited. If you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant you're gonna want this!
  3. Workouts: I've had this stomach bug, which I THINK is starting to turn the corner, but it meant that I was a little tired last week and didn't work out nearly as much. I won't pretend like my workouts are insane these days but they do make me feel good, they give me energy, help me stay strong, and I always do my PT exercises in there which make me feel like I'm at least doing the right things for my SI joint.


  1. Hubs being out of town: Normally I'm used to him being gone and actually like it. And honestly sometimes his energy around during the week makes me anxious or puts me on edge but this week having him gone after having been home so much was weird and left our house feeling too quiet. I tried to at least enjoy it by starting up on a new binge-watching series: parenthood.
  2. More neighbor construction smells: Oh Em Gee. I cannot escape this. Remember how bad it was in the first trimester? Well on Thursday I came home in the afternoon to find out someone below us was again staining the floors. It was the weirdest smell, on a first whiff it smelled like a dirty old charcoal BBQ, but the after smell/taste (yes there was a taste) was like pure chemical. Luckily our room wasn't so bad so I stayed in there most of the evening but it meant that cooking the dinner I planned was out and instead I just grabbed a sandwich. Womp womp.
  3. I really can't think of more: What this whole highs/lows thing has really shown me is that 1) I am incredibly lucky that these are my highs and lows every week 2) that during the week when I'm feeling my lowest it rarely has to do with a specific incident, aside from a riff with my husband, and instead generally just stems from an overactive mind freaking out about 10 thousand things. Regardless, it's been interesting to document and I will definitely keep it up to see how things change or stay the same with baby Ford.

Best thing I ate: 

This kale salad from Stella Barra pizza (see photo roundup)

Weekend plans:

Hubs comes home tonight and we're hoping to make it to his brother's birthday celebration which is at a Karaoke Bar in China Town. I literally have worlds worst voice and won't be partaking in the consumption of alcohol so I've already made it clear that I will not be rocking the mic! No other major plans except errands and just general life stuff. If it's nice out I'd love to get in a lake day but time will tell!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: 

That kale salad I mentioned above, a bunch of easy dinners at home, my morning breakfast routine, eating solo and sad cause Tom was out of town, a FAVORITE new dress I bought in 3 colors/sizes (it's not maternity but fits & will work for breastfeeding, and it's on sale for $39), 31 week bump pics, Ford doing some crazy s**t in my stomach the other night, my productive week cleaning out his closet and breaking down 8 million boxes/finally sending out all of my thank you notes, oh and last but not least these adorable tiny Tom's from my best friends mom!